Nove akreditacije u januaru 2018. godine


In January 2018, the Accreditation Body of Serbia (ATS) made decisions on accreditation granting and a series of decisions on accreditation maintenance, renewal, extension, reduction, suspension, withdrawal etc. 

Accreditation was granted to the following CABs:


1. MIPHEM D.O.O, Beograd-Zvezdara, Matice Srpske 57e, file ID: 2-01-524, accreditation number: 0-464

2. LIVNICA LjIG DOO Beograd, Sektor za kvalitet, Laboratorija, Kralja Milana 4/ IV/V 27, Beogradfile ID: 2-01-511, accreditation number: 01-465

Accreditation was withdrawn to the following CABs:

1. ENERGO CONSULTING POWER Novi Sad, Futoški put 35, Novi Sad“

file ID: 2-03-216, accreditation number: 06-169

For more information on accredited organization please follow this link Register of accredited conformity assessment bodies.