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About ATS

The Accreditation Body of Serbia (ATS) is a national accreditation body in the Republic of Serbia, which was established by the Republic of Serbia in accordance with the decision on the Establishment of the Accreditation Body of Serbia (''Official Gazette of the RS'', No. 96/16 and 14/11), to perform activities from Article 3 and 8 of the Law on Accreditation (''Official Gazette of the RS'', No. 73/2010, 47/2021) for which the founding rights are exercised by the Government. ATS is the only body in the Republic of Serbia entrusted with the performance of accreditation activity by the Law on Accreditation.

ATS is registered as an institution. The provision of the law governing public services is applied to issue of establishment, organization, position, and activities of ATS.

The Law on accreditation regulates the accreditation and the establishment and activities of ATS, as well as the bodies and financing. The acronym of the Accreditation Body of Serbia is ATS. In doing business activities with foreign countries, ATS in addition to its name in Serbian, can also use the name in English: ''Accreditation Body of Serbia''.