About accreditation

What is accreditation?

Accreditation is the determination by the national accreditation body whether the conformity assessment body meets the requirements for performing certain conformity assessment activities laid down in the relevant Serbian or international and the European harmonized standards and, where applicable, any additional requirements defined for specific schemes including the requirements set out in relevant sectoral schemes for conformity assessment.

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For which conformity assessment activities can I be accredited?

The fields of conformity assessment in which the ATS performs accreditation are specified in the document ATS-PA08, The ATS fields of activity.

For detailed information, please refer to 'ATS Scope of Work' page.

How do I find an accredited body for conformity assessment?

The list of all conformity assessment bodies accredited by the ATS can be found on the ATS website ("The register of accredited conformity assessment bodies") and can be browsed based on the type of accreditation, accreditation number or by a CAB’s name or address or any word within the scope of accreditation.

According to what standards are conformity assessment bodies accredited?

For detailed information, please refer to 'the Types of accreditation' page.

What are the advantages and benefits of accreditation?

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What is the difference between accreditation and certification?

Accreditation proves competence of conformity assessment body to perform specific testing, calibration, inspection or certification.

Certification provides proof of conformity of management systems, products, or people with requirements determined by the technical regulation, standard or specification.

The accreditation process

How to submit an application for accreditation?

If you want to be accredited for the specific type of conformity assessment activities, you should submit an application for accreditation. The application should be followed by the supporting documents listed in the application and specified for each type of accreditation respectively.

What are the steps within the accreditation process?

For further information about the accreditation procedure, please refer to the ‘Accreditation process' section.

How much are the costs of the accreditation process and maintaining of accreditation?

Accreditation costs, that are paid by the applicants for accreditation and accredited conformity assessment bodies, are laid down in  'the Decision on accreditation fees' 

Expanding the scope of accreditation / Expansion of the scope of accreditation

What are the steps within the extending of the accreditation process?

To extent the scope of accreditation, the accredited conformity assessment body can apply at any time while the accreditation is valid by submitting an application aiming to extent the scope of accreditation as well as the proper documentation required by that very application. Assessment for the purpose of the extending accreditation may be performed either through a stand-alone activity or together with the regular assessment within the cycle of accreditation.

Other questions

Where can I buy the appropriate standard?

The standards, in which the requirements for certain types of accreditation are laid down, can be purchased at the Institute for Standardization of Serbia.

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