Quality Policy



The Accreditation Body of Serbia (ATS), as the most important institution of quality infrastructure in the Republic of Serbia, creates and ensures the most competent and reliable way, the necessary level of quality and safety of products and services that are being placed in the Republic of Serbia, as well as abroad, during realisation of export. These activities are carried out by the ATS in carrying out the assessment procedures and confirming that the conformity assessment bodies meet the requirements of the established and reference standards, as well as additional requirements from the technical regulations, if needed, in accordance with the current legislation in the Republic of Serbia.

ATS performs planned activities from its scope in a completely independent, impartial and competent manner and constantly maintains and confirms required high level of credibility in performing its activities. Reliable guarantee of ATS quality and characteristics of its activities is the fact that it carries out its procedures in keeping with the requirements of relevant international standards, and rules and documents of European and international accreditation organisations (ILAC, IAF and EA).

ATS aims at maintaining established and efficient accreditation system that will enable successful execution of national accreditation body competence, satisfaction of the need for accreditation in the Republic of Serbia, promotion of accreditation system and successful maintenance of signed multilateral agreements within EA, ILAC and IAF, or provision of conditions for the quality infrastructure in the Republic of Serbia to be competitive and ready for partnership with the institutions of the European Union quality infrastructure and at the international level.

Membership in European and international organisations for accreditation (EA, IAF and ILAC), and the fact that we signed the multilateral agreements on mutual recognition of accreditation system the validity of which we intend to maintain is of an extreme importance to both ATS and entire family of accredited conformity assessment bodies or all parties interested in accreditation system in our country: consumers, users of services, manufacturers, professional organisations, as well as state bodies and organizations.

The ATS business policy implies respect for and inclusion of all interested parties into the development and maintenance of the accreditation system in the Republic of Serbia that will then be able to properly meet the needs of all clients. Hence ATS strives to be a reliable partner that is open to dialogue and cooperation. Only full cooperation of all interested parties, coordinated approach to the public administration bodies, cooperation with accreditation bodies from other countries, accreditation awareness raising, constant review of the ATS work activities and upgrade of the accreditation system will herald successful implementation of the ATS Quality Policy that will then be assessed and confirmed by those using our services.

ATS will achieve the stated intentions by functioning of the management system, through efficient and effective continuous improvement, regular internal audits and reviews by the management, applying corrective and preventive actions on the system. Special attention will be paid to the achievement of full competence of permanent employees, external assessors and experts, other persons participating in ATS work, and achieving their full commitment to this Quality Policy.


Belgrade, January 2017

                 Acting Director

Prof. Aco Janićijević, PhD