Seminars in Subotica and Niš – Requirements of Low Voltage Directive (LVD)


In the period between 15th and 16th June 2010 and 17th and 18th June two-day seminars were held in Subotica and Niš within the EU funded Project entitled “Technical Assistance to Quality Infrastructure Institutions in the Republic of Serbia” and in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development. They were ...

part of the awareness raising campaign promoting the importance of accreditation and conformity assessment. The seminars covered the quality infrastructure – requirements of the Regulation on Electrical Equipment Designed for Use within Certain Voltage Limits.

The seminars were held at the regional SCC offices in Subotica and Niš that invited (particularly the SCC office in Niš) a significant number of representatives of organisations and institutions interested in the said topic.

The lecturers were as follows: Vitomir Fister, EC Legal Expert in charge of accreditation and conformity assessment issues as part of the national CARDS 2006 programme, Dušan Vučković, Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, Milica Jovčić, Accreditation Board of Serbia, Vojko Koron, New Approach Expert, and Tanja Dimitrijević, Ministry of Economy and Regional Development.

The following topics were presented on the first day:

- EU legal framework of quality infrastructure – free movement of goods and protection of public interest, Vitomir Fister;
- new legal framework - new business concept in the Republic of Serbia, Dušan Vučković’s presentation, MoERD;
- role of the Accreditation Board of Serbia in the field of conformity assessment, Milica Jovčić’s presentation, ATS;
- requirements of Low Voltage Equipment Directive - Vojko Koron.

The Regulation on Electrical Equipment Designed for Use within Certain Voltage Limits was presented on the second day (Tanja Dimitrijević), and thereafter there was a round-table discussion where the participants discussed the issues relating to the new approach field. Furthermore, the problem relating to the fulfillment of requirements of this new legal framework governing electrical equipment designed for use within certain voltage limits was discussed. The problems and dilemmas encountered by organisations in their every day work were discussed, and experiences were exchanged. Finally, the second day of the seminar ended with an extremely active and constructive discussion.