GIZ/ACCESS Project experts visited ATS


On 14th February 2012, Thomas Schluter and Tilman Denkler, German experts, visited the ATS as part of the GIZ-ACCESS bilateral support project implemented by the German Government (“Governmental Development Strategy for Quality Infrastructure”). In addition to the activities related to the development of the Strategy containing recommendations for the development of the quality infrastructure and Action Plan for its implementation, a balanced development of all components of the quality infrastructure was envisaged as part of the project activities, i.e. it was envisaged to provide support to all institutions in this field – ATS, Directorate of Measures and Precious Metals, and Institute for Standardization of Serbia.

For the ATS to be provided the support the ATS needs were discussed at this meeting, as well as possible technical assistance to be provided by the project experts. It was very important to emphasise that these extremely competent German experts were hired to analyse the EA Assessment Report and Report of the Task Force Group of the Multilateral Agreement Council to enable the performance of relevant actions leading to the signing of the multilateral agreement and accreditation of certification bodies operating certification of management systems.

Natalija Jovičić Zarić, Thomas Schluter, Tilman Denkler and Dejan Krnjaić