Launching of a twinning project

International activities

Launching of the EU twinning project entitled “Creation of a Monitoring, Reporting and Verification System for the Successful Implementation of EU Emissions Trading System” was held on 13th November 2013 at the premises of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (PKS).

As an EU candidate country and signatory to the UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol Serbia undertook a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). The transposition and implemention of EU energy and climate change legislation and especially participation of Serbia in the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) is at the core of Serbia’s Climate change Strategy. The project, funded by the EU with 1 million Euros, aims at helping the Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection to establish the legal base and administrative structure for the monitoring, reporting and verification system of greenhouse gas emission of about 130 major Serbian companies as a prerequisite for future implementation of the EU ETS. Once in place the EU ETS will create an incentive for companies to invest in low-carbon technologies, provide growth and jobs while increasing competitiveness on the EU and world markets. Increase in the GHG monitoring accuracy is one of the key steps for planning and reduction of GHG emissions.

A team of 40 experts from France, Germany and Austria will work with Serbian colleagues to transfer know-how and EU best practices in this field. German experts will provide their input in the field of legislation, Austrian ones will provide input in the field of methodology, while French experts will provide input in the field of monitoring plan organisation.

Given that the scope of the EA MLA signed by accreditation bodies (ABs) was extended to include accreditation of GHG verifiers and that first peer evaluations to tackle ABs accrediting GHG verifiers were planned to take place by June 2014, it has to be emphasised that resources of the said project will be used to upgrade the operation of the Accreditation Body of Serbia (ATS) in the field of accreditation of GHG verifiers. The Austrian accreditation body (Akkreditierung Austria) will help ATS as part of the activities of the project Working Group 4.

The Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental protection will post on time the information about the project activities at, whereas Danijela Božanić, Head of the Climate Change Department, will act as a Ministry liaison person.

Danijela Božanić, MERZ