International Proficiency Testing Conference 2015

Announcement of events

We hereby inform you that the fifth International Proficiency Testing Conference 2015 will be held in the period between 15th(16th) and 18th September 2015 in Timisoara (Romania).

The Conference (the motto of which reads as follows “There is no science without measurements, no quality without testing and no global market without standards”) will provide the framework for debates, exchange of knowledge and expertise with academia, engineers, managers from supplier bodies of PT schemes and managers from laboratories, and for participation in working group discussions and a training course.

The Conference is organised by CEPROCIM SA, Bucharest (Research, Consulting and Process Development in the binder field) and Association of Proficiency Testing Providers (AFSIC) in co-operation with “POLITEHNICA” University from Timisoara.

The following topics will be covered during the Conference:

•    Proficiency Testing Schemes
•    Reference Materials and Proficiency Testing
•    Validation of Testing Methods and Proficiency Testing
•    Uncertainty of Measurement and Proficiency Testing
•    Internal Quality Control of Analyses and Proficiency Testing
•    Metrology, Traceability and Proficiency Testing
•    Accreditation of Quality Management and Participation in Proficiency Testing
•    Development of the Analyses Methods in the Testing Laboratories

Deadline for Conference pre-registration and submission of paper abstracts is 30th January 2015.

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