Annual meetings with ATS assessors held


The Accreditation body of Serbia held annual meetings with its assessors on 10, 11 and 12 January 2018 in Palace of Serbia, Belgrade. On the meetings that were held for each type of accreditation separately, the assessors were given information on the work of ATS in the previous year, with special emphasis on peer evaluation of ATS by European cooperation for Accreditation.   

Plans for this year were also discussed, as well as changes in QMS ATS documentation, participation and work of ATS representatives in EA / IAF / ILAC expert bodies in 2017, and also preparations for the transition of ATS and accredited bodies for assessing conformity to new issues of standards and EA/IAF/ILAC mandatory documents.

In order to unify the method of assessment and adherence to the ATS rules and procedures, the assessors were provided with observations on their work in the past period, which were gained through a review of the submitted documentation from the assessments, the documentation prepared for decision on accreditation, as well as the observations made by the Committee for selection of assessors and performance monitoring. During the meetings, the planned actions for elimination of the findings established by the EA team during the peer assessment were also implemented. At the end of each meeting, answers were given to questions previously asked by the assessors, and during open discussion opinions were exchanged on open issues that the assessors set at the meetings. About 250 ATS assessors took part in the meetings. 

Assessors of laboratories for analytical testing

Assessors of medical laboratories

Assessors of laboratories for technical testing

Assessors of calibration laboratories