IAF CertSearch database started operating on February 1, 2020

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IAF CertSearch is a global database where users can search and validate the status of accredited certification issued by a Certification Body which has been accredited by an IAF signatory member Accreditation Body under main scope ISO/IEC 17021-1. The base started operating on February 1, 2020. So far, over 1,000,000 certificates have been issued throughout the accreditation community, and in the IAF CertSearch system, 68 accreditation bodies have activated their accounts and stored details of 909 certification bodies, 7 of which  are Serbian, and 402,082 certificates. The database has been officially named as IAF CERTSEARCH and will be available through the domain upon publication.

Database statistics as at 30th of January 2020:

  • 401,247 valid accredited certifications,
  • 901 active Certification Bodies,
  • 68 active IAF MLA Signatory Accreditation Bodies,
  • Certifications from 162 economies,
  • Popular standards,
  • Quality Management System ISO 9001,
  • Occupational Health and Safety OHSAS 18001/ISO 45001,
  • Environmental Management System ISO 14001,
  • Energy Management System ISO 50001,
  • Food Safety Management ISO 22000,
  • Information Security Management ISO/IEC 27001,
  • Medical Device Quality Management System ISO 13485.

Key Industries: food supply, agriculture, medical, pharmaceuticals, automotive, aerospace, manufacturing.

Formation and maintenance of the IAF CERTSEARCH database will provide a unique location for all accredited management system certifications issued by the certification bodies accredited by IAF accreditation bodies from around the world, which will increase validation efficiency and reduce abuse given that:

  • accredited certifications are so high in value some companies claim to be certified when they are not;
  • there are a lot of fake or expired certifications in the market;
  • distinguishing an accredited certification from a non-accredited certification can be difficult
  • it is difficult to validate legitimate accredited certifications.

IAF Director for Users and Industry, IAF UAC Chair, Sheronda Jeffries said, “Via IAF CertSearch businesses and governments can ensure all suppliers in their supply chains hold valid accredited certifications and can be instantly alerted if the certification is suspended, withdrawn or expired.”

IAF Chairman Mr Xiao Jianhua said, “IAF CertSearch is a game changer for accredited certification, improving the awareness, integrity and value of accredited certification. Organizations will no longer be able to claim to have an accredited certification when they do not.” 

Who can use the IAF CertSearch database and why is it important?

A global database where users can search and validate the status of accredited certifications issued by a Certification Body which has been accredited by an IAF MLA Signatory Accreditation Body.  This means a member of the public can validate an organization’s certification(s) confidently knowing, the certification is valid, the Certification Body is accredited and the Accreditation Body is a current IAF MLA Signatory member, in real-time, all in one process.

This database can undoubtedly establish that the certification is valid as well as that the certification body is truly accredited and that the accreditation body is a signatory to the IAF MLA.

IAF CERTSEARCH database will increase the importance of accredited certification, increase visibility for those who are certified, and increase the value and integrity of accredited certificates.

How to use the IAF CERTSEARCH database?

IAF CERTSEARCH is a tool users can use when they want to check accredited certifications provided the user knows the "company/organization name" or "certificate ID". The database receives information from the IAF confirming that accreditation bodies are signatories to the IAF MLA Agreement. The database also receives information from accreditation bodies to ensure that certification bodies are accredited to issue accredited certificates in accordance with the standard. At the same time, the database also receives information from certification bodies to ensure that the certification is valid.

What is the purpose of the IAF CertSearch database?

The main purpose of the new platform is to support the integrity of management system accredited certificates thus enabling stakeholders to check the status of accredited certificates.

Thanks to this database, it can be determined within seconds if a particular company has a valid certification issued by a certification body accredited by an accreditation body that is a signatory to the IAF MLA.

IAF CertSearch Mark

IAF has developed an IAF CertSearch Mark that links to the IAF CertSearch database. Organizations that have an active accredited certification in the IAF CertSearch database will have the ability to include an IAF CertSearch Mark on their website.

Valid Accredited Certification Bodies and Accreditation Bodies who appear in IAF CertSearch can also include an IAF CertSearch Mark on their website demonstrating their accreditation and IAF membership status. The IAF CertSearch Mark will link to their profile on the IAF CertSearch database.

What are the benefits of the IAF CERTSEARCH database?

  •  greater global trust and confidence in accredited certifications,
  •  providing a global solution to support global trade,
  •  improving conformity and transparency of certifications issued under the MLA Agreement,
  • reduced counterfeiting,
  • increased accuracy and efficiency,
  •  increased credibility of accredited certification,
  •  the increased market opportunity for certified companies,
  •  reducing time and cost for users.

The Serbian economy will also benefit from this database as the database will allow a simple and quick validation of certificates according to its needs.

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