The Annual Report of the Accreditation Body of Serbia for the year 2022 has been published


On 28.02.2023, the Management Board of the Accreditation Body of Serbia adopted the Annual Report of the Accreditation Body of Serbia for 2022. 

In the Annual Report of the Accreditation Body of Serbia for the year 2022, information and data on the activities of ATS in the past year, the achieved results, and the goals for the next period are given.

The previous year marked the beginning of the application of the new edition of the standard, SRPS EN ISO 15189:2023. The transition period for the application of this edition of the standard is three years from the date of its publication, i.e., 05.12.2025 until when all medical laboratories shall switch to this edition of the standard. The first scope of accreditation in the field of point-of-care testing was issued in July last year. 

Activities related to the development of new accreditation schemes were also started in the previous period: GHG verifiers according to the SRPS EN ISO 14065:2022 standard, biobanking according to the SRPS EN ISO 20387:2021 standard, reference materials according to the ISO 17034:2016 standard, with the help of the TAIEX instrument for EU accession - Technical Assistance and Information Exchange Instrument.

Following modern business trends and examples of good organizational practice, ATS recognized the benefits of establishing CAF (Common Assessment Framework) for the promotion and improvement of its own work, using the advantages of strategic management and achieving the best possible results in its own fields of activity, so in cooperation with MDULS within the framework of the European Union (EU) project for public administration reform - EU4PAR, during the last year, it started activities on the introduction of quality management through this model.

In 2022, the ATS also held all signed EA MLA, ILAC MRA, and IAF MLA agreements and actively participated in regional and other international conferences as well as in the work of all EA committees and their working groups.

Since ATS is an open house, every suggestion and proposal is welcome, so we want you to read this Report very carefully.
You can download the Annual Report for 2022 HERE