New edition of ATS Bulletin


Dear readers, we present to you the new, 28th electronic edition of the ATS Bulletin. The topic of this issue is the implementation of CAF (Common Assessment Framework) in the public sector. This total quality management model for self-assessment, developed by the public sector for its own needs, is used by managers and employees to recognize their capacities.

Following modern business trends and examples of good practice, ATS recognized the benefits of establishing a CAF for the promotion and improvement of its own work, using the advantages of strategic management and achieving the best possible results in its own scope of activities. 

In addition to this topic, in this issue, you can find out more about the activities of ATS in the period from the beginning of this year until today, among which are: ATS's participation in international meetings and the important role that ATS played this year, which is that it was hosted by the EA MAC Committee. 

As in previous editions of the ATS Bulletin, one part is dedicated to news from international organizations (EA, ILAC, IAF) and considering that standardization and metrology together with accreditation form the quality infrastructure in our country and beyond, they can also fields to read some of the current topics.

We wish you a pleasant reading and if you have any comments or suggestions regarding the content of the Bulletin, please feel free to send them to our well-known email:

The bulletin can be downloaded HERE