The development of a standardized catalog of accredited services has begun


Yesterday, a contract was signed with domain and IT experts on the premises of ATS, marking the completion of all preparatory activities for the launch of the pilot project on the Standardization and Harmonization of the scope of accreditation at ATS, with the support of GIZ within the project "Support for Regional Economic Integration," with the assistance of the EU and the Government of Germany.

The work on the standardized terminology of the scope of accreditation is intended to provide a foundation for the digitalization of accreditation applications and the entire accreditation process. This represents one of the primary objectives of ATS in the upcoming period.

Considering the regional nature of the project, adopting a unified nomenclature at this broader level shall contribute to even better cooperation among accreditation bodies. In contrast, accredited bodies shall have better recognition at the regional level.

We thank GIZ for their support and wish all project participants happy and successful work.