New accreditations in April

Current events

On 13th April the Accreditation Board of Serbia decided to grant accreditations to three testing laboratories and one inspection body. A series of decisions on accreditation maintenance, extension to scope, accreditation renewal, and on accreditation suspension were made. 


Accreditations were granted to the following testing laboratories:

- College of Agriculture and Food (vocational studies), Testing Laboratory, Prokuplje;
-  “ENERGORAZVOJ” DOO (limited liability company), Testing Laboratory, Belgrade;
- DP (socially-owned enterprise) “DRUGI OKTOBAR” Vršac, Gas Distribution, Laboratory

and to one inspection body:

- DP (socially-owned enterprise) “DRUGI OKTOBAR” Vršac, Gas Distribution, inspection body.

The following bodies renewed their accreditation:

- Eko lab d.o.o. (limited liability company), for testing food hygiene, Novi Sad;
- “Knjaz Miloš” a.d. (joint-stock company), Quality Sector, “Knjaz Miloš” Laboratory, Aranđelovac, for assessment activities.

A decision on accreditation suspension as a whole for six months for “HIP Azotara” D.O.O. (limited liability company), Laboratory testing equipment and materials for quality control, Pančevo, for assessment activities.