Certificates were Presented to the Military Medical Academy

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The Director of the Accreditation Board of Serbia, Dejan Krnjaić, PhD, presented five accreditation certificates yesterday to the head of the Military Medical Academy, Major General Miodrag Jeftić, PhD. The certificates were presented for the following laboratories:

- Institute for Medical Biochemistry, Laboratory for Medical Biochemistry;
- Institute for Toxicology and Pharmacology, Department for Toxicological Chemistry;
- Institute for Transfusiology, Laboratory for Transfusiology;
- Institute for Pharmacy, Drug Testing and Control Laboratory;
- Hygiene Institute, Laboratory.

"These certificates that we are officially receiving today are another proof of our good work and are a great incentive for our future work and provide great contribution to the quality and credibility of the VMA and are a new impulse in the field of international cooperation. As the head and Team Leader of the institution the motto of which implies that we can always achieve more and be better, I promise you that we will not give up. After all you are here just like all our citizens, colleagues and partners, and those strict and very impartial and responsible certification and accreditation committees so that you can continue evaluating and assessing the work of the VMA by means of professional standards, reputation and quality values,“ said the Head of the VMA, Major General Miodrag Jevtić, PhD, at the press conference that was organised on this occasion.

 “The introduction of standards, implementation of procedures and obtaining of certificates does not mean that the work in the field of quality management at the VMA is over. All VMA employees are aware of their responsibilities and importance of the work in this field and are ready to embrace them“ emphasised General Jevtić.  

"It gives me great pleasure to present these certificates today to the Military Medical Academy after the competence assessment of your laboratories has been carried out, given that the ATS performed this assessment and found no nonconformities as per ISO/IEC 17025. I am confident that these certificates will serve as a boost for the future work of the VMA, and this means safety and security of those using the services of your laboratories, competent staff, reliability and accuracy of your reports, and methods that are applied, all of which will contribute to attaining higher quality and more successful treatment of your patients", highlighted Dejan Krnjaić, PhD.

Dejan Krnjaic, PhD and Miodrag Jevtic, PhD

Dejan Krnjaic, PhD, ATS Director

Miodrag Jevtic, PhD and Dejan Krnjaic, PhD 

Miodrag Jevtic, PhD, Dejan Krnjaic, PhD and Branislav Jakic, PhD