TrainMic seminar 2010

In the period between 21st and 23rd April 2010 the TrainMic training programme for the ATS technical assessors (Training in Metrology in Chemistry)  was held as a result of the cooperation between the Directorate of Measures and Precious Metals and the Accreditation Board of Serbia.

The TrainMiC programme is a licenced programme of the Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (IRMM), Belgium, which is delivered by the national TrainMiC team.

The training covered the basic principles of uncertainty of measurement and estimate thereof, traceability of measurement results, validation of measurement procedures in a laboratory, internal quality control, i.e. use of control charts based on Nordtest.

In addition to theoretical part, the training covered examples of validation and uncertainty of measurement, and complementary modules: calibration of laboratory glass, calibration of thermometers and calibration of spectrophotometers in medicine.
The training was, in the opinion of technical assessors, really thorough, and well organised. It will help harmonise the performance of assessment by technical assessors given that it is the aim of the Accreditation Board of Serbia.