Seminars in Belgrade and Novi Sad – technical requirements for motor vehicles


Two-day seminars were held in Belgrade and Novi Sad within the EU funded Project entitled “Technical Assistance to Quality Infrastructure Institutions in the Republic of Serbia” in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, and they were part of the awareness raising campaign promoting the importance of accreditation and conformity assessment. The seminar topic related to the quality infrastructure – technical requirements for motor vehicles.

The lecturers were as follows: Vladan Popović, Institute for Standardization of Serbia, Ljubica Živanić, Accreditation Board of Serbia, Vitomir Fister, EC Legal Expert in charge of accreditation and conformity assessment issues as part of the national CARDS 2006 programme, and Robert Jerončić, Slovenian expert in technical requirements for motor vehicles.
On the first day of the Belgrade and Novi Sad seminars the following topics were presented: EU legal framework of quality infrastructure – free movement of goods and protection of public interest; application of regulations on vehicles with emphasis on current prospects and future plans; role of the Accreditation Board of Serbia in the field of conformity assessment, especially in the field of motor vehicles and institutional framework governing motor vehicles followed by the transfer of the experience from Slovenia.

On the second day that was designed as a round-table discussion the representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure also took part therein. During the Belgrade round-table discussion the problems encountered by clients in their every day work were discussed (vehicle inspection, problems with registering vehicles caused by different definitions of public transport vehicles and private vehicles), and the application of the new Traffic Law, multi-stage homologisation, procedures to adopt the EC regulations and experiences from Slovenia in relation to: IT system, competences related to the road inspection of vehicles transporting hazardous substances and those vehicles that switched to liquid oil, eco fees, registration of vintage cars and right hand side steering wheel cars. The largest number of issues that were discussed at the Novi Sad round-table discussion related to the homologisation of vehicles especially in terms of electromagnetic compatibility, noise, possible deviations of small batches, etc.