Certificate award ceremony at the Institute of Blood Transfusion of Serbia

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On Wednesday 23rd June, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certificates were presented to the Institute of Blood Transfusion of Serbia, while SRPS ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation certificate was presented to the Department for Pre-transfusion Testing and Distribution of Blood and Blood Products. The ceremony took place in the state room of the Institute of Blood Transfusion of Serbia.

Tomica Milosavljević, Minister of Health of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, said at the award ceremony that investment in health was at the same time investment in the sustainable development of the country.

Mr Milosavljević pointed out to the fact that citizens should trust the Institute of Blood Transfusion of Serbia given that this healthcare facility could provide necessary amount of blood at any point in time for different medical interventions.

On the occasion of the certificate award, the Director of the Accreditation Board of Serbia expressed his satisfaction that the number of such positive examples in Serbia today was increasing and added that it was in the interest of the citizens and patients to have as many as possible healthcare laboratories that would be accredited or certified and thereby prove their competence, and thereby provide safe and quality services to patients, and wished them to improve and develop their activities. Mr Krnjaić congratulated the employees on the achievement of international norms in their work and wished them to be able to easily maintain that level of quality in the future.

Dr Snežana Drašković, Director of the Institute of Blood Transfusion of Serbia, emphasized that the certificates confirmed the dedication to continuous development of the quality of products and services, environmental and health protection, and occupational safety. Ms Drašković said that the Institute is on the way of becoming a leader in the field of transfusion not only in Serbia, but also in the region.

Furthermore, she explained that the Institute employees are aware of, when performing their regular activities, rational use of natural resources, effect of their activities on the environment, occupational health and safety. According to her words, the Institute is the first healthcare facility that started in 2003 to dispose healthcare waste under controlled conditions and was the first one to draft Risk Assessment Act in 2008 and undertook certain measures to protect employees and other visitors of the Institute in accordance with the said Act.

Dr Drašković reminded the present participants that the Institute performed the following activities: collection of blood, blood components and blood testing, production and distribution of blood products, provision of laboratory and therapeutic healthcare services, development of products and services, education and provision of professional development for top and middle level staffs in the field of transfusiology and issuance of its own publications.

After the certificates have been presented, journalist that had been reporting on the work of the Institute during the previous years received certificates in the acknowledgement of assistance they provided in terms of timely informing the public about how important it was be a voluntary blood donor.

prof. Tomica Milosavljević PhD

Dejan Krnjaić PhD

Dr Snežana Drašković and Dejan Krnjaić PhD