Description of the scope of accreditation in the field of EMC

Current events

On 14th July 2011, the Accreditation Body of Serbia accepted the proposal made by the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMS) Working Group that pertained to the description of the scope of accreditation in this field.

The annex contains the examples of how to describe the scope of accreditation that will become an integral part of the document entitled ATS-UP03, Guidelines for Describing the Accreditation Scopes of Testing Laboratories.

All accredited testing laboratories in this field need to harmonise their scopes in line with the adopted mode of description thereof by 01.01.2012 at the latest. When submitting documentation needed for the implementation of surveillance assessments, laboratories shall submit a proposal to correct the scope that will be in line with the decisions that were adopted. When making decisions on accreditation the ATS will correct the scopes of accreditation that had already been granted.