International Conference “Quality and Competence 2013”

Current events

The International Conference “Quality and Competence 2013” was held in the period between 13.06.2013 and 15.06.2013 in Ohrid, FYRM, and was organised by the Macedonian Association of Laboratories (MAKLAB) and Institute for Accreditation of the Republic of Macedonia (IARM).

Purpose of the conference was to promote quality and competence of laboratories, and work of laboratories under specific conditions. Furthermore, the delegates highlighted the importance of uniting conformity assessment bodies behind this association given that this was one of the EU requirements that had to be met.

The conference delegates discussed the role of accreditation on the market, and transposition of the EU legislation into the quality infrastructure legislation of the countries in the region.

Moreover, a regular meeting of the accreditation bodies from the region was organised as part of the conference when their representatives explained the importance of signed bilateral agreements and latest trends in their accreditation bodies. Jasna Stojanović, ATS Acting Director, greeted the delegates on behalf of the Accreditation Body of Serbia when she gave a presentation on fifteen years of operation of ATS, and importance of signing the multilateral agreement of the European co-operation for Accreditation.

Jasna Stojanović, ATS, and Trpe Ristoski, IARM