Public Invitation to new Sectoral Committee members to Apply


Given the need to increase the number of members of certain Sectoral Committees for the purpose of accreditation decision-making, the Accreditation Body of Serbia posted another


for canididates to apply in order to be appointed as the new members of the following Sectoral Committees:

- Sectoral Committee 1 for laboratories performing testing of pressure vessels, motor vehicles, metallic materials, protective equipment, non-destructive testing (NDT), testing in the field of hydraulics and thermotechnics – 2 members (testing of pressure vessels; NDT);

- Sectoral Committee 3 for laboratories performing testing of environmental samples: air, water, soil, waste – 1 member (air testing);

- Sectoral Committee 7 for medical laboratories – 2 members (biochemical and microbiological examinations);

- Sectoral Committee 8 for calibration laboratories – 2 members (temperature/humidity; volume);

- Sectoral Committee 9 for inspection bodies – 4 members (pressure vessels - 1, measuring instruments - 2, agriculture - 1);

Criteria for the selection of Sectoral Committee members are as follows:

- university degree;

- at least four years of work experience and competence in the field of accreditation and conformity assessment (knowledge of national and international standards and legislation governing accreditation and conformity assessment).

Sectoral Committee members shall be selected from the representatives of:

- faculties and institutes;

- accredited conformity assessment bodies;

- technical assessors and technical experts from the Register of Assessors and Technical Experts of the Accreditation Body of Serbia;

- public administration (ministries, agencies, competent authorities responsible for activities related to accreditation, standardisation, metrology and conformity assessment);

- companies, chambers, etc.

Eligible candidates have to submit, by 15th July 2014, to the Accreditation Body of Serbia completed applications together with their CVs and reference lists (papers, professional results, etc.) at the following address: Accreditation Body of Serbia, Bulevar Mihaila Pupina 2, Novi Beograd, and they should specify the Sectoral Committee they are applying for.