GHG gas emission training delivered


The training entitled TAIEX- ECRAN: “Regional Training on the EU Emissions Trading System with focus on the monitoring, reporting, verification and accreditation (MRVA) Regulation” was held in Zagreb, Croatia, in the period between 10th and 11th September 2014. The training was attended by the representatives of the countries from the region (Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Turkey and Albania).

The training aimed at:

- providing explanation as regards the existing EU legislative and institutional framework  when it comes to creation and implementation of a monitoring, reporting and verification system for GHG gas emission in line with the EU ETS and MRVA requirements

- experience exchange as regards current application in the countries in the region and EU Member States with a special emphasis on monitoring, reporting, verification and accreditation

-  identifying roles and responsibilities of different parties when it comes to fulfilment of the said requirements, respective competent authorities, and additional explanation as regards the coordination with a view of mitigating problems caused by the onset of Regulation application.

Pursuant to “20-20-20” objectives of the EU legislation (20% reduction in the EU level of GHG emission when compared with 1990 level by 2020, 20% increase in renewable energy source level, and 20% increase in the energy efficiency), EU Member States shall apply, among other things, the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS).

One of key conditions for the implementation of Emissions Trading System is the creation of a GHG monitoring and reporting system. Hence an annual report will be produced in keeping annual monitoring plans that are produced by operators and that serve as a basis to monitor emission levels. The said annual report must be verified by an accredited verifier prior to its submission to the EU Member State competent authority. Verifiers have to fulfil the ISO 14065:2013 requirements and be accredited as per ISO 14065:2013.

Jovana Zečević attended the training on behalf of the Accreditation Body of Serbia.