Training: Interpretation of requirements of the new version of SRPS EN ISO 15189:2014

Announcement of events

The Institute for Standardization of Serbia organizes, for the first time, a course dedicated to the interpretation of SRPS EN ISO 15189:2014 requirements pertaining to quality and competence of medical laboratories.

The course is intended for managers of accredited medical laboratories (as per SRPS EN ISO 15189:2008) and medical laboratories which are introducing the Management Quality as per SRPS EN ISO 15189:2014, or for laboratory employees involved in its implementation, maintenance and continuous upgrade, quality managers, laboratory managers and internal auditors.

The participants will have an opportunity to practically implement, in the form of group exercises, the knowledge they will acquire through concrete examples relating to the fulfilment of the most important SRPS EN ISO 15189:2014 requirements.

The lecturers are experienced experts in the field of accreditation of medical laboratories and members of the Committee for Standards and Related Documents (KS Z212, In Vitro Medical Devices).

The course fee amounts to 12,350.00 RSD and it includes: course material, SRPS EN ISO 15189:2014 (sr), certificate of attendance and refreshments.

Deadline for the application is 19th May 2015.

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