Mr. Khersontsev’s ATS visit

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After the seminar that took place in the Kombank Hall on September 11 was finished, Accreditation Body of Serbia was pleased to welcome the honored guest, Mr. Alexey Khersontsev, the Head of Federal Service for Accreditation (RusAccreditation) of the Russian Federation the following day.


Mr. Alexey Khersontsev, the Head of RusAccreditation and prof. Aco Janicijevic, PhD, ATS Acting Director


The ATS management had a meeting with Mr. Khersontsev who expressed great satisfaction regarding his participation in the seminar.  During his visit, Mr. Khersontsev gave a brief overview of Federal Service for Accreditation of the Russian Federation operating. He also tackled how the accreditation system in the Russian Federation operates in the field of accreditation. Mr. Khersontsev pointed out that  Federal Service for Accreditation, which is the part of the quality infrastructure of the Russian Federation operating under its Ministry of Economic Development, aims to improve the standard of living, and build trust between businesses, states and communities. He also highlighted that the Russian accreditation system includes the National Institute for Accreditation which helps develop the resources for evaluation, and improves the educational program for all the personnel participating in the accreditation process.


ATS employee and Mr. Alexey Khersontsev, the Head of RusAccreditation


According to Mr. Khersontsev, there are more than 6,000 accredited testing laboratories, around 2,000 metrology services including the calibration laboratories and other laboratories performing various metrology-related tasks in the Russian Federation. Additionally, there are more than 250 accredited inspection bodies, around 100 management system certification bodies and 16 proficiency testing providers in the Russian Federation. On the other hand, there are not as many bodies performing certification of persons given this particular type of accreditation is underdeveloped. Consequently, it is not very popular.

Mr. Khersontsev said Federal Service for Accreditation of the Russian Federation draws a lot of attention to the digital services’ development. Moreover, all the applications for public services can only be sent electronically. Furthermore, the accreditation certificates can only be downloaded from a personal account. In addition, Federal Service for Accreditation has also begun to use an electronic scope of accreditation.

After the meeting, Mr. Khersontsev visited the Nikola Tesla Museum, the Church of Saint Sava and Belgrade Fortress.

Mr. Khersontsev’s visit is of paramount importance in terms of bilateral relations with the Russian Federation. Signing the  Memorandum of Understanding between our two countries is the irrefutable proof of it.