The statement on the abolition of the state of emergency in the Republic of Serbia

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The statement on the abolition of the state of emergency in the Republic of Serbia

To Whomever It May Concern,

In these challenging times, we are fully aware of the limitations the coronavirus pandemic has imposed on both our professional and personal lifestyles. In the light of this, all the measures have been taken to mitigate the consequences as much as possible, but the fact is they have made a significant impact on our lives.

It is immensely important for all of us to protect our health and ensure safety for each individual, continuing our business activities, which is our common goal when it comes to ensuring confidence in the validity of the testing/calibration/proficiency testing/inspection/certification results.

For this purpose, and bearing in mind the adoption of the Decision on the abolition of the state of emergency in the Republic of Serbia ("Official Gazette of RS", No. 65/2020 of May 6, 2020), ATS will continue its previous activities using all assessment techniques in the future (including on-site assessment), but the decision on the techniques that will be applied and in within what time frame will be made taking into account the risk analysis of conformity assessment activities performed within the scope of accreditation including a detailed risk analysis of each assessment techniques, and the on-site assessment.

The assessments at the ATS location will commence on June 8, 2020, by undertaking all the necessary measures recommended by the Government of the Republic of Serbia. If necessary and if all the necessary conditions for on-site assessment are met, they can be planned before the specified date.

In addition to following all official measures, it is up to us to implement additional safety measures that will protect health and ensure safety for each individual during the assessment.

Please keep in mind that the continuation of our business and goals such as the implementation of assessment in the planned time, obtaining accreditation, maintaining accreditation, extending the scope of accreditation, the transition to a new edition of the standard, in addition to trust in competence, will be based on confidence in safety, and on the fact that we have done everything in our power to protect the health of each individual.

In order to carry out our joint work in a planned and efficient manner, ATS will request from the accredited bodies, as well as those in the accreditation process, the relevant information necessary to perform the analysis and make a decision on upcoming assessments, as well as techniques to be used.

We wish you health and professional success. Also, we are at your disposal for all the necessary information.

the ATS Acting Director
prof. Aco Janicijevic, PhD