EA Committee meetings were held

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ATS representatives participated in the work of the committee of the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA) for inspection bodies, certification bodies, and laboratories, which were held in the previous period. The EA Committee for Inspection Bodies (EA IC) and the Committee for Certification Bodies (EA CC) were held in Utrecht, the Netherlands, from March 21st to 23rd.

Marren Wilgos from the Polish Accreditation Body (PCA) chaired a meeting of the EA IC Committee which was attended by around 60 representatives from the national accreditation bodies and stakeholders on 21st March. The next day, the EA CC Committee was held, chaired by the newly elected Casper van Erp from the Dutch Accreditation Body (RVA) and the new vice-chair Wolfram Hartmann from the German Accreditation Body (DakkS).

Participants of the IC and CC Committees

The EA Laboratory Committee (EA LC) was held in Ankara, Turkey, on March 29th and 30th. The Committee was chaired by a new chairman, Sergio Guzzi, from the Italian accreditation body (ACCREDIA) and a new vice-chairman, Maarten Aerts, from the Norwegian accreditation body (NA). About 50 participants of the committee discussed various topics, mostly related to the new editions of the ISO 15189 and ISO 17043 standards.

Participants of the LC Committee

The inevitable and common topic of these meetings is EA Strategy 2025 (EA STRATEGY 2025), whose three main strategic goals are:

  • good governance to deliver consistent and sustainable results;
  • close cooperation with regulators and stakeholders to strengthen accreditation at the European and international levels and
  • continue to develop accreditation to support innovation and growth in existing and new areas.

EA STRATEGY 2025 can be downloaded HERE