Publication of the EA Annual Report 2022

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European co-operation for accreditation - EA on June 6, 2023, published on its website the Annual Report on the work of the European co-operation for accreditation for the year 2022.

This EA Report, which summarizes all the activities of its members, recognized stakeholders, and the EA Secretariat during 2022, can be viewed on the EA website, at the following link: HERE

Dr. Andreas Steinhorst, Executive Secretary of the EA, on the occasion of the publication of this Report, said the following: Harmonization and collaboration were at the center of 2022. EA launched the EA MLA for EN ISO 20387 (Biobanking) and for EN ISO/IEC 17029 (Validation & Verification) and organized 7 training sessions and webinars to inform about new standards and train EA evaluators.

EA renewed the partnership agreement with the European Commission and EFTA, strengthening the existing relationships. End of 2022, EA is involved in over 25 new or revised legislations in progress with the European Commission, to make sure that accreditation is used according to the European principles set out in Regulation (EC) No 765/2008 on accreditation.
EA prepared the One Voice report, aiming to harmonize accreditation throughout Europe to ensure trust in certificates issued by accredited conformity assessment bodies, and published the Guidance on Remote Assessment.

The EA MLA mark was formally registered with the EU Intellectual Property Office as a collective mark of the EU and shall be used as soon as it is registered in the countries of all EA MLA signatories.

Finally, we met in person for the autumn meetings, which was not certain until the end of the COVID-19 crisis. We proved that we could carry on our tasks, thanks to a close collaboration established throughout the years.

Dr Andreas Steinhorst poručuje: “Now it’s time to get the best out of this experience and work together, physically and remotely, from a meeting room or just an office, from Europe or any other country in the world. 2023 is already full of opportunities and challenges, that EA is more than willing to take on, all together.

You can view the EA report for 2022 HERE