New standard for circular economy

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The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) within the technical committee TC 323 – Circular Economy is developing six new international standards in the field of circular economy. Three standards are in the 40.60 development phase in July of this year, which ended the public discussion phase:

  • ISO/DIS 59004 – Terminology, Principles, and Guidance for Implementation
  • ISO/DIS 59010 – Guidance on the transition of business models and value networks and
  • ISO/DIS 59020 – Measuring and assessing circularity.

The next phase is the consideration and adoption of suggestions and comments from interested parties, with the aim of improving their content. 

Their publication in the form of an international standard (ISO) is expected at the beginning of 2024 when they will be available to all interested parties in our country. 

In the national standardization system, the Committee for Standards and Related Documents KS Z183 – Circular Economy and Waste Management follows the work of   ISO/TC 323 and the development of these ISO standards.  

The importance of standards in this field is reflected in the provision of guidelines for the application of modern business practices. This implies the principles of saving resources and raw materials through the reuse of materials, as well as reducing waste from production and the life cycle of products to a minimum.

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