ISO and Gender-Responsive Standards


Standards are crucial in ensuring the quality, reliability, and compliance of products and services. They define the minimum requirements for quality and competence, ensuring consistency and reliability in the operations of accredited conformity assessment bodies. Standards also enable compliance with international practices and facilitate the exchange of products and services at a global level. As such, standards are essential for ensuring quality, integrity, and safety in various sectors, contributing to increased consumer and trade partner trust.

The Institute for Standardization of Serbia (ISS) signed the UNECE declaration on Gender-Responsive Standards on February 1, 2023, confirming its commitment to the development of standards, guidelines, and practices that align with the principles of gender equality.

Following the declaration's signing, ISS representatives participated in a regional workshop on the development of an action plan related to gender-responsive standards organized by ISO in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, from June 7th to 9th, 2023. Based on the workshop's recommendations and guidelines, ISS established a working group for the development of an action plan for gender-responsive standards.

The objectives of the action plan are:

           •    Increasing the participation of women in standards committees, especially in the field of electrical engineering.
           •    Creating guidelines and promotional materials for all those involved in the standards development process.
           •    Expand collaboration with organizations, institutions, and associations to raise awareness of the importance of the gender-responsive aspect in standards.
           •    Establishing mechanisms for monitoring progress and reporting on achieved goals.

Gender-responsive standards are standards developed to ensure gender equality and equal participation of women and men in various fields of life. They focus on integrating the gender aspect into standards used in various industries and societal spheres.

You can see more about the action plan HERE