EA MAC Newcomer Training for EA Evaluators

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EA conducted a training session in December 2023 for potential evaluators. 

The training took place in Paris, hosted by the EA Secretariat from December 12 to 14. Newcomer Training sessions serve as a crucial initiative to cultivate the necessary skills among potential evaluators.

Facilitated by accomplished trainers, including Maria Papatzikou, Chair of the Multilateral Agreement Council (ESYD, Greece), Sergio Guzzi, Laboratory Committee Chair (ACCREDIA, Italy), Nicole Meuree Vanlaethem, Team Leader (BELAC, Belgium), and Ankica Barisic, Manager of Peer Evaluations & Evaluators (EA Secretariat), the training aimed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of peer-evaluation processes, requirements, and their practical application. It also sought insights into the underlying processes supporting the EA peer evaluation system.

The primary objective of the training was to bolster the number of peer evaluators, a crucial obligation for each EA National Accreditation Body (NAB). This is particularly important as EA MLA signatories are required to provide peer evaluators to the peer-evaluation system.

A total of 19 individuals from 18 EA NABs participated in the session. Through collaborative work groups, they discussed how an EA evaluator should assess the effective implementation of requirements, covering aspects such as document or record review, interviews, observation/witness, reporting, and managing findings. The discussions focused on identifying evidence of compliance and pinpointing specific risks and causes of non-compliance.

After the session, the trainers assessed the participants’ performance and made recommendations for qualification as an EA evaluator based on:
•    Demonstration of the participants’ understanding and awareness of the evaluation process and requirements.
•    Displayed ability to work effectively as an evaluator, including qualities such as dedication, open-mindedness, teamwork, and communication skills, specifically emphasizing proficiency in English.

This particular session saw the immediate qualification of 7 new peer evaluators, enhancing EA’s existing team of 96 members, and 9 new trainee evaluators (38 in total). Trainers also expressed satisfaction in witnessing the emergence of a new generation of young, high-potential accreditation experts who will soon contribute to the peer-evaluation system.

You can view it in detail HERE