During the last week, a two-day training in the field of accreditation of certification bodies for the certification of products in the field of organic production was held on the premises of ATS. The training was primarily related to the new regulation EU 848/2018 and accompanying acts. The training was given by colleagues Vera Apostolović, a graduate in agricultural engineering, and Olga Kešelj Milovanović, a graduate in agricultural engineering, employees of ATS. Among those present were colleagues from the Accreditation Body of Montenegro.

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During this week, ATS representatives participated in a two-day training organized by TAIEX TRATOLOW in the pleasant surroundings of the Central Point Hotel in Belgrade. The lecturers were experts from the EU: Lucy Candlin (TRATOLOW), Zdenko Franić (HAA), and Monique Voogt (TRATOLOW).

The training was related to verifying and accreditation verifiers of reports on greenhouse gas emissions.

The goal of this training was to support representatives of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Serbia; The Environmental Protection Agency of Serbia and the Accreditation Body of Serbia in implementing the European Union Emissions Trading System (ETS). The training provided practical insight into conducting ETS accreditation and understanding the specific requirements of ETS verifiers. Also, the goal is to provide ATS with the necessary professional knowledge to decide which documents will form the basis for their evaluation by ETS verifiers and shape the accreditation process in Serbia.

You can view it in detail HERE

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