New Accreditations Were Granted in February

Current events

Early in February decisions on accreditation were made for eight testing laboratories, one calibration laboratory and one inspection body. A series of decisions was made as regards accreditation maintenance, extension to the scope of accreditation, and decisions on accreditation renewal and one decision on accreditation suspension. 

The following testing laboratories were granted accreditation:

- «VULKAN INŽENjERING» D.O.O. (limited liability company) Tehnička laboratorija (Technical Laboratory), Novi Sad;
-  INN VINČA, Laboratorija za termotehniku i energetiku (Laboratory for Thermotechnics and Energetics), Belgrade;
- Polyclinic for Laboratory Diagnostics in the area of medical biochemistry, microbiology, and pathohistology “NEOLAB”, Niš;
- TIM Trade DOO (limited liability company), Laboratorija (Laboratory), Leskovac;
- Institut za poljoprivredu A.D. (Institute of Agriculture, joint-stock company) Zrenjanin, Laboratorija za biološka i hemijska ispitivanja (Laboratory for biological and chemical testing);
- «PROJEKTOMONTAŽA» A.D. (joint-stock company) Laboratorija za ispitivanje (Testing Laboratory), Beograd;
- «Kolubara Metal» D.O.O. (limited liability company), Služba za laboratorijska merenja i ispitivanja (Department for laboratory measurement and testing), Vreoci;
- TERMOELEKTRO A.D. (joint-stock company) Tehnički centar (Technical Centre), Laboratorija (Laboratory), Belgrade.

A calibration laboratory was also granted accreditation:

- Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Laboratory for the Calibration of Temperature Measuring Devices

An inspection body was also granted accreditation:

- Rota Control doo (limited liability company), Belgrade.

The following bodies renewed their accreditation:

- JP «SRBIJA GAS», Laboratorija za gasnu tehniku (Gas Technique Laboratory), Novi Sad, and
- Institute for Crop Science, Seed Testing Laboratory Novi Sad for testing activities;
- SGS Beograd d.o.o. (limited liability company), and
- Faculty of Forestry, University of Belgrade, Institute for Wood Processing, Institute for Furniture Quality Control (for inspection activities);
- Institut za puteve a.d. Beograd (Highway Institute, joint-stock company) for product certification activities;

A decision on the accreditation suspension in full was made for D&M o.d. Niš, Ristić Milan, for inspection activities.

All details about accredited bodies can be found in the Register of Accredited Bodies - not yet available in English.