Training Lead Assessors for the Purpose of Accreditation

Current events

Pursuant to the ATS procedure entitled "Training of Assessors, Information Seminar for ATS Technical Experts and Training of ATS Employees", a training course for lead assessors of testing and calibration laboratories and control bodies is being held at the ATS premises in the period between 18th and 22nd May.

Training for lead assessors for testing and calibration laboratories, and control bodies covered the introduction to the content and practical application of SRPS ISO/IEC 17025 and/or SRPS ISO/IEC 17020, planning, organisation and performance of assessment in accordance with the requirements of relevant standards, identification, classification of and reporting on nonconformities, assessment aspects and knowledge of rules and procedures to be used during assessment.

Delegates were introduced to the rules governing accreditation and conformity assessment, European common market and conformity assessment, SRPS ISO/IEC 17011:2007 Conformity Assessment – General Requirements for Bodies Accrediting Conformity Assessment Bodies.

The training was delivered in the form of lectures, exercises and interactive group work (assessment simulation solving, discussion, determination of causes of nonconformities and reporting thereon, etc.). The delegates were introduced to the ATS accreditation-related documents by means of this training course, assessment procedures and criteria, and assessment methods and techniques.

The following gave lectures at this training course: Dejan Krnjaić, PhD, Vida Živković, MSc, Natalija Jovičić Zarić, MSc, and Ljubica Živanić, and the training course was attended by the delegates from Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

ATS Director gave the introductory lecture at the training course for lead assessors

Dejan Krnjaić, PhD, gave a lecture on the subject of Standards, conformity assessment and accreditation

Vida Zivkovic, MSc, gave a lecture on the subject of SRPS ISO/IEC 17011 and on the subject of accreditation procedures and criteria
Exercise 6 (atmosphere) - steps of assessment process that was supervised by Natalija Jovicic Zaric, MSc

Natalija Jovicic Zaric, MSc

Ljubica Zivanic presenting exercise results to the delegates