Resolving complaints and appeals

Document Amendments

3/0 Revision of the document entitled Resolution of Complaints and Appeals came into force on 5th October 2009. This document stipulates the procedure applied by the Accreditation Board of Serbia when resolving complaints and appeals that pertain to the work of the ATS or the work of accredited bodies and are lodged with the ATS.

Following the harmonization of rules and procedures of the Accreditation Board of Serbia with international and European standards, as well as rules and guides of international organisations (EA, ILAC and IAF) a revised version of the document on the resolution of complaints and appeals was adopted and harmonised with international practice to the general satisfaction of our clients (accredited bodies) and other parties interested in accreditation.

Adopted procedure for the resolution of complaints and appeals in a transparent, impartial, independent and objective manner enables our clients and interested parties to exercise their rights they might have been deprived of, and, on the other hand, the ATS can undertake corrective and preventive actions, and additional activities and decisions during the said procedure.