New Accreditations Granted in December 2009

Current events

On 28th December 2009, the Accreditation Board of Serbia made decisions on accreditation for five testing laboratories, two calibration laboratories and two inspection bodies. A series of decisions on accreditation maintenance, extension to scope, accreditation scope reduction, as well as two decisions on accreditation withdrawal were made.

Accreditations were granted to the following testing laboratories:
• LABMERIT D.O.O. (limited liability company), Testing and calibration laboratory;
• Innovation Centre of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering D.O.O. (limited liability company), Centre for Quality, Testing laboratory for mechanical components and systems;
• Goods Quality and Quantity Control Company "REA LAB” D.O.O., Belgrade;
• Enterprise for Home and Foreign Trade and Servicing, "ROHE" D.O.O. (limited liability company), Belgrade,

• KONSING D.O.O. (limited liability company), KONSING Laboratory, Belgrade;
calibration laboratories:

• IMS Institute AD (joint stock company) Belgrade, Metrology laboratory for mechanical quantities;
• "Laboratory" D.O.O. (limited liability company), Belgrade;
and to inspection bodies:
• GALENIKA AD (joint stock company) BELGRADE, Logistics Sector, Drug Factory Maintenance Service, Ex Workshop – Inspection Group;
• UNLIMITED GROUP COMPANY D.O.O. (limited liability company)

Decisions were made to withdraw accreditation of the following inspection bodies:
• N.Z. Elektronika, Čačak,
• Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Kragujevac, Centre for Technical Validity of Vehicles, Kragujevac.