Internal control of weighing instruments between two calibrations (ATS-UP32)

Document Amendments

The Accreditation Body of Serbia (ATS) established a Working Group in the previous period in order to produce the document entitled ATS-UP32, Internal Control of Basic Metrological Parameters in Non-automatic Weighing Instruments between Two Calibrations. This document provides description of the inspection procedure in case of basic metrological parameters affecting the measuring accuracy of non-automatic weighing instruments.

The control is conducted in between two calibrations, whereas validity of measuring results and possible needs for recalibration of the weighing instrument can be determined on the basis of the inspection results and output criteria. The internal control procedure as described in this document require the fulfilment of other parameters affecting the validity of measuring,  measuring procedure, laboratory temperature stability, air flow, vibrations and weighing instrument configuration, and these shall suit the type of the weighing instrument being controlled.

The document shall be used by all types of conformity assessment bodies (CABs) that use non-automatic weighing instruments when performing conformity assessment.