Law on Amendments to the Law on Accreditation

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Adopted Law on Amendments to the Law on Accreditation 

Assembly of the Republic of Serbia passed the Law on Amendments to the Law on Accreditation, published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia, no. 47/2021, which entered into force on 18th May 2021. 

It is important to point out that:

• Accreditation certificates issued before the day this law enters into force are valid until the expiration period for which they were issued,

• Accreditation procedures started before the entry into force of this Law shall be terminated in accordance with the regulations in force until the day of entry into force of this Law. 

The most important amendments to the law relate to the following:

• The meaning of certain terms used in the law is specified,

• The requirements that must be met by the Accreditation Body of Serbia, as a national accreditation body entrusted with the performance of accreditation,

• The obligation of ATS to keep a public register of externally engaged assessors and technical experts,

• The provisions on the ATS bodies have been changed regarding the number of members and structure of those authorities and bodies (the Management Board, the Supervisory Board, the Accreditation Council and the Appeal Committee),

• In a new way the system of financing of ATS was defined (the provision on the collection of accreditation fees was deleted, so it remained as the dominant provision that  ATS is financed from the budget of the Republic of Serbia),

• Amendments have been introduced regarding the shortening of the duration of accreditation procedure and the definition of certain accreditation deadlines,

• The obligation of ATS is to refund to CAB the amount paid in case of non-implementation of the accreditation procedure within the prescribed deadlines,

• The possibility of observing, in part of the accreditation procedure, the representatives of the bodies or organizations responsible for the preparation. i.e. adoption of certain technical regulations, in case of assessment for the purpose of notification or designation, has been introduced,

• Introduced amendments relating to the shortening of the duration of procedure for the renewal of accreditation,

• A new way to regulate the work of the Appeal Committee, its structure, and  the minister responsible for the accreditation will adopt the rulebook on the method of establishment and mode of operation of the Committee,

• New issues of cross-border accreditation are regulated,

• The task of supervision over ATS is determined in a new way by the ministry in charge of accreditation, 

• The obligation of ATS is to conclude protocols on cooperation with bodies or organizations responsible for preparation or adoption of technical regulations.

The Law on Amendments to the Law on Accreditation prescribes deadlines for harmonization of The Act of Establishment, the Statute and the Rules of Accreditation, and also prescribes a deadline for the adoption of Rulebook on the work of the Appeal Committee. 

Sincerely, Your ATS