Congratulations on June 9th the World Accreditation Day

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The Accreditation Body of Serbia congratulates all its associates, assessors and accredited conformity assessment bodies, friends and employees World Accreditation Day, which is celebrated every year on June 9th by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC).

World Accreditation Day  is celebrated with the aim of raising awarness of the importance and significance of accreditation, as well as promotiong the value of accreditation. This year’s WAD theme is ‘’Accreditation: Sustainability in Economic Growth and the Environment’’ and aims to highlight how accreditation and conformity assessment provide global solutions to issues of general importance, such as sustainability in economic growth and environment protection.

In the time we live in, more and more importance is attached to the concept of preservation and protection of the environment and resources for future generations in the world over the market concept of uncompromising economic growth, because nature itself and related economic opportunities remind us more and more.
The application of various standards and conformity assessment schemes can help companies, industry and regulators to consider, establish and implement environmental policies. Accredited conformity assessment and application of relevant standards provides assurance that they are competently and consistently applied, which means that accreditation finds its important role in this whole process. As a national accreditation body, we are aware of the role and responsibilities that we, together with our associates and other institutions of quality infrastructure, directly or indirectly have in preserving economic growth, environment and resoruces for future generations in the Republic of Serbia.
I remind you that we are proud to point out that we welcomed this year’s WAD with a positive confirmation from the peer evaluation team of the European Co-operation for Accreditation (EA), after the re-evaluation last year, and a recommendation to continue maintaining the status of multilateral agreement with EA, as well as to extend another field – accreditation of PT providers within multilateral agreement on mutual recognition of the accreditation system. We expect that during the autumn, this recommendation of the team will be officially adopted by the EA MAC Committee. This is just another confirmation that our work is in compliance with European legislation and international standards, but also that it is recognized by relevant European institutions. 
I take this opportunity to once again thank all my associates, assessors, experts, CABs, representatives of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, representatives of corresponding ministires and other state institutions, and ATS employees for successful cooperation, understanding and support in strengthening the quality infrastructure in the Republic of Serbia with the desire to foster good business relations for many years and to achieve important goals for the developemnt of accreditation and the Accreditation Body of Serbia, as well as the entire quality infrastructure system in Serbia and beyond.
I wish you a happy holiday today and that in the upcoming years we will be more successful and better!
With respect,

Prof. Aco Janjićijević, PhD, 
Acting Director of the Accreditation Body of Serbia