World Accreditation Day #WAD2023

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World Accreditation Day, which was established in 2007, is celebrated on 9th June as a global initiative jointly established by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) to promote the value of accreditation. This Day was first celebrated in 2008 and this year’s theme is focused on how accreditation supports the future of global trade.

In previous years, World Accreditation Day themes have touched on many important aspects of accreditation, such as its ability to provide confidence in the quality of products and services, how it benefits certain groups such as regulators, and its role and benefits in certain sectors and solving specific issues. 

World Accreditation themes in recent years have focused on how accreditation supports global issues, and this year's theme is: ‘’Accreditation: Supporting the future of global trade”. 

This theme aims to draw attention to how accreditation and conformity assessment are adapting to advances in technology, changes in consumer behavior and environmental regulations, new trust mechanisms, and changing business models.

Trust is an essential component of trade relations, whether they are conducted within national borders or with other countries. Countries around the world have long relied on an integrated system of standards, regulations, metrology, and accredited conformity assessment to create a quality infrastructure. This integrated system has created the necessary trust to support trade by ensuring that consumers, companies, and regulators who procure goods and services get what they expect. By demonstrating trust and removing technical barriers to trade, quality infrastructure has enabled companies to access a wider international market while improving the quality and safety of imports from those countries.

Brochure, created in honor of #WAD2023 in Serbian, you can download it  HERE

Emphasizing the importance of accreditation, the international accreditation organizations EA, IAF, and ILAC, national accreditation bodies, their collaborators, and other actors of the quality infrastructure will mark World Accreditation Day in an appropriate way.

A Joint Statement published by the Chairs of IAF and ILAC highlights the importance of accreditation in supporting the future of global trade and is available: HERE, while a promotional video for #WAD2023 can be viewed: HERE